Art and Tradition of the chechia

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First step

Knitting of the KABOUS "

Kabous hand knit with 5 needles (raw material: worsted wool yarn unbleached)

Second step

fulling the kabouss : The Kabous are placed in a wooden box and under pressure alternately two wooden hammers, adding time to time, soap and warm water until disappearance of enamel that is knitting the Kabous .
The quality of the water of the bath, its temperature, the concentration of the soap will be of a significant contribution on the quality of pressing and the felting of wool.

Third step

         carding of Elalia
Comes then the always renewed thistle. This plant imported by the Andalusians and thriving in El Alia, plays an essential role in the manufacture of the chechia: it gives him its gloss and its velvety.

Fourth step

dyeing the sheshia

Fifeth step

Formatting sheshia

The tkoulib or moulding, gives its final form to the still wet chechia of the bath of dyeing. The small white bonnet became carmine  .


Sixth step


Seventh step

ironing sheshia

Fez being made in Tunisia.

workshop of the factory sheshia Megidi


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